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Scars of Seven

Format: Available in physical print and digital editions.

Scars of Seven is set in an apocalyptic distant future. Humans discover that the original purpose of religion was not to worship gods but to reinforce the fabric of space-time that separated all dimensions. Churches were built on sites where the fabric was thin and most likely tear. The concentration of harmonizing electromagnetic energy caused by human faith, was no more than the brain generating chemical reactions which strengthened the space-time fabric.

For many eons this kept the balance. With space travel came a new golden age of scientific discovery. Humans shed their superstitions and left their cosmic cradle to explore the universe. Religion faded to the fanatics. Humans found out they were not alone in the universe, when an alien race came to their assistance during a failed faster-than-light experiment.

The fabric finally tore after first contact with an alien race ended badly. Whole planets ceased to exist as an unstoppable plague swept through the colonies without a cure. No one remembers how it started, only what followed.

Medical science determined that the ‘plague’ was actually a type of cosmic radiation that was being emitted from various sources around the galaxy. No one could explain what was causing the new form of radiation, but it was apparent that the plague turned humans into walking automatons. Their DNA changed, new proteins formed masses inside the body. These masses converted body materials into deadly gases. These gases changed Earth’s atmosphere, forcing human survivors underground.

After the initial chaos humanity had nearly collapsed, then the demons appeared. They rounded up the immune, women and the children. Feeding or enslaving on the surviving humans. As humanity struggled to survive, the invading horde fortified the North American continent, establishing a beachhead for a more massive incursion. They begin gathering children to power their technology and use women to replace the young once their life energy has been exhausted.

Issue 1 takes you to where it all began.

Writers: Marcus Jones and Ashley Hodgetts
Artist: Ashley Hodgetts
Letterer: Ashley Hodgetts
Colorist: Ashley Hodgetts
Cover Artist: Ashley Hodgetts
Genre: Sci-fi, Action/Adventure

Format: FC, 36 pages; Ongoing

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