Scars of Seven – The Video Game

The whole Retribution team are excited to kick-off the transformation of our comic series ‘Scars of Seven’ into a video game!

Development Alpha version  – The aim is to get YOUR feedback to help shape the final release. 

Beachhead is a reverse-xcom-esque turn based strategy game based on the comic series ‘Scars of Seven’ (included with the build).  As a member of the Horde (read the comic for the full story), your chancellor has sent you and a small contingent to Earth. Your goal is to establish a beachhead by building an interdimensional portal for your armies waiting to cross over. Once you arrive on Earth, your team discovers that building a portal will be harder than first thought – You will need to explore these unknown lands for resources, research technology to adapt to the new conditions, conduct ground missions, deploy interceptor craft to take out enemy aircraft, build and grow your bases and more. All while remaining concealed from Humans as much as possible.



Download PC pre-alpha build: [link]

Watch the walkthrough videos here [link tbd]

Early (nowhere near final) screenshots


  • 20 territory locations to capture with procedurally allocated mission types.
  • 9 Mission types with approx. 30 objective types.
  • Command and control your operations from the globalscape. Launch missions, deploy interceptors, build bases, tap into resources and raid enemy resources. Speed-up or pause game time with play controls.
  • Auto or manual missions – Once your craft reaches a mission location, you can select ‘Auto’ or ‘Manual’ mission. Auto allows you to delegate the mission and stay focused on the Gameboard. While Manual mission will launch the isometric combat game mode. 
  • Territory expansion – Grow your territory by sending your dropships to explore locked regions & new mission types. Choose the best times and locations to explore as it ties up your dropships, preventing them from being deployed on missions. 
  • Craft waypoints – You can set waypoints for your craft to follow – a great way to avoid a region that is hostile to you. 
  • Card-deck approach to craft management with a limit of 8 craft: Dropships (Mission deployment), interceptors (patrol skies or attack enemy craft) and supply craft (resource collection via refineries and resource veins)
  • Heavy resource management – Gained via missions, resource veins and the marketplace.
  • Craft upgrades – the order in which you add upgrades to your craft will change how they affect that craft. The wiki page outlines all the possible combinations (there’s a lot) 
  • Human processing – Convert captured Humans into food, power cells or followers to help you build your portal. 
  • Research tech tree – A full research tree, some with prerequisites requiring item/intel collection on combat missions or other projects to unlock. Many unlock new facilities or advancements. Players need to complete research to progress to the end-game.
  • Build and grow bases – Expand base operations by building new facilities, manage power demands and enable/disable facilities when power consumption outstrips production. Sell facilities. Operate up to 3 bases.
  • Isometric ‘action’ missions
  • Assets are uncompressed for modding. These are NOT final, will be working on these with the community – join in the conversation on Discord.

Art in production:

Pre-Alpha Build vs work in progress for final (Designed in 4K)

Production Roadmap

  • 4k res art support
  • Tutorial screens – put in menu of corresponding game section – iso instructions on iso menu etc
  • Additional screen resolutions
  • Soldier customization
  • Soldier skill tree & ranks
  • Iso – fog of war
  • Iso – tile visibility blocking 
  • Picking start location 
  • Manufacturing & expanded items to produce/discover/buy/sell
  • More advanced craft customization
  • Expanded resource management – new veins and refinery types – including but not limited to buffs (faster build times, research), new metals (leading to new upgrades, weapons etc)
  • Additional facilities and expanded functionality
  • Upgradable & flow control on power grid
  • Expanded research
  • Music mixing/fader and auto queuer  – additional music tracks
  • Consider localization – might be too hard on this game.


  • Auto/Manual mission Dialog – add don’t show again btn – make always auto – add to option menu 
  • Resource Screen 
    • color code text, when enemy occupy change owner to ‘enemy occupied’
    • Add attack button next to enemy resources if in range of base with dropships
  • Storage full – dialog box
  • MO enemy details box
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