Droid Trivia Roadmap

Patch/Fixes Currently Working On

These items will appear in patch version

  • Added | hide the players answer pressed until answer is revealed
  • Resolved | Japanese language issue – answer options not showing up.
  • Resolved | Some localized menus & answer options not fitting to buttons or inside UI elements correctly.
  • Resolved | Questions repeating for some categories after a few rounds. There are 831 questions in 14 categories which are subdivided into 4 round types: True/false, Multiple choice, Memory and Picture questions. Once you have completed all the questions in a category (for the particular round type you are playing at the time) the questions are then reset for that category. We plan on creating more questions to help improve this but writing another 500-1000 questions takes a lot of time.
  • Investigating | some players not able to trigger some achievements on XboxOne, even after extensive testing show triggering occurring.

Plans for Content Update #1

  • Add more robot avatars to choose from.
  • Add option screen
    • Set language
  • Additional localized screens
    • Visual instruction screens for visually impaired persons.
    • Some screens were not localized and will be added.
  • New localization partner to re-do the questions & UI properly
  • Add subtitles to non-question VO (Including localization of subtitle texts)
  • New Game Modes
  • Additional Questions

Suggestions Welcome!

We would love to hear your suggestions for improving Droid Trivia.

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